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5 reasons you shouldn’t go to Legzira

As Morocco is not only Marrakech and Sahara Desert, but also long coastline with beautiful beaches, I’m going to take you for a trip to Legzira – one of the most splendid beaches I’ve ever been. But there are also certain reasons why not everyone may like it.

1. You won’t find any fast foods

So, if you love McDonald’s and KFC better stay home. So are we going to starve during our trip? Hmm…. Absolutely not! You’ll find plenty of small restaurants and bars offering some local culinary specialities. Have you ever tried an octupus tagine or tagine with fish?

2. It’s almost empty

Well, maybe not in summer, but in general there aren’t too many tourists, so you can walk alongshore and enjoy the fresh breeze.

3. You can walk under the red, rock arch

If you’re lucky and visit Legzira at low tide you will be able to walk under the arch and take some nice pictures (even if you’re not a professional photographer).

If I could take a nice picture, everybody can 😉

4. No signal or wi-fi (almost)

That’s true, it can be difficult to find signal and go online. So most probably you’ll be sentenced to your own company or to talk to your friends in real. So, just take a nice walk, breath the free air, relax and enjoy being offline – it’s really good sometimes:)

5. You can try something new

Well, being offline doesn’t mean you’ll get bored. Legzira offers not only a beautiful beach, but also some other attractions. Would you like to ride a horse? Or maybe you want to try a camel? Prefer quads? No problem! Need more adrenaline? Why not to try paragliding?

Also, you can meet the ugly lion here

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  • Zoi

    This place looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to travel to Morocco, and one thing that attracts me the most is the food (although I don’t eat meat, I’m sure there are some vegetable options) so I won’t miss the fast food 😀 I hope I can go soon! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    • Magda

      Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of vegetarian-friendly food 🙂 You can try vege-tajine, harira (soup with lentils), baghrir, msemmen, amlou and many more. I guarantee, you’ll never be hungry 😀

  • Aditi Sharma

    I had never heard about Legzira before and now I am really intrigued. Morocco has been on our bucket list and I would love to visit a beach like this to soak in the beautiful surroundings in a more peaceful and relaxed. This really does sound like one of those hidden gems to me! Thanks for sharing the details.

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