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Minty fresh Morocco

If anyone asked me a question what does Morocco smell like, I would say MINT.

Moroccans enjoy drinking hot mint tea at any time of the day. It can come together with a meal or snack, but also it can be just a refreshing drink by itself. But… Why is it so special?

First of all, people here usually enjoy their tea with family and friends, so it is an essential part of the social life in Morocco. It can be considered as a drink of hospitality, as it is always served when there are guests and the refusal can be considered as rude.

Moreover, preparation of the traditional moroccan mint tea is kind of art. It takes much more time than preparing an infusion tea, which is so popular in Europe. A brewing and serving process is kind of ritual.

So, how do we prepare a traditional moroccan tea?

To make moroccan style tea, you need a metal teapot, some high-quality, leaf green tea, fresh mint and a lot of sugar. Yes, that’s right – a traditional tea is very minty and very sweet 🙂

So let’s get started. You should begin with putting some tea in a teapot, pouring over some hot water. Then, bring to a boil. Let it simmer for few minutes on a low heat. The longer you can wait, the stronger your tea will be. Finally, turn off the heat, add fresh mint and sugar and mix throughly. Serve hot.

Interestingly, Moroccans usually don’t use spoon to mix their tea. Generally, for their tea, people use sugar cubes and pour sweetened tea to a glass and back to the tea pot a couple of times. What is important, the tea is poured from a several inches distance to create some foam on the tea surface. You could ask why does it matter? It is sort of a quality certificate: more foam = better tea.

Hmm… It seems to be a good tea
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